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Heya everyone for the new round of my danganronpa detectivegame I created a brand new mascot. And well... the result was Monodra

Danganronpa: Circus of Misery, true Execution 1, Eros Farella

Well how fitting? Eros Farella the ultimate diver has to show his capabilities as an escape artist. Too bad that even his ability to hold his breath for a long time as a free diver won't save him-

Danganronpa: Circus of Misery, Murder 2, Dabadee Blue

Since they wrongly executed Elias the killing of the first murderer continued. His second victim was Dabadee Blue, the ultimate animal rescuer.

Danganronpa: Circus of Misery, Execution 1: Elias Sangra

Well who may have been the killer of Layran Kimara? The people assumed it was Elias Sangra the ultimate hunter which was... wrong. He wasn't the killer of Layran but since we are in a circus he had to participate in a knife throwing act. This was his Execution.

Danganronpa: Circus of Misery, first murder

Here we have our victim Layran Kimara the ultimate race car driver. Well... guess he didn't drive away fast enough!

Step right in!

Welcome to Danganronpa: Circus of Misery! The already mentioned game I'm hosting featuring my OCs. I will post the execution art as well as the body discovery announcement art.

When the idiots vote the wrong culprit-

The title says it all. MonoBat is laughing at them.


I am currently working on a danganronpa forum game featuring my OCs and for that I needed a mascot. Since I am the vampire mod on that site... who else except a bat mascot would be fitting? So I proudly present you Monobat!

OC Introduction: Aragi Tsurugara

You've just recently seen him for the Art ask meme. This is Aragi Tsurugara my ultimate Photonswordmaster! He is/was the best friend of Kouha Toriyaka (about to be introduced) the ultimate Free Runner who he got to know and got close to in the orphanage they both were in. They both took up sword fighting and have a love for blades in any shape and form. The story of Kouha and Aragi actually has 2 different endings depending on what happens in the cave the two of them went both of which endings are only determined by a little difference.